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    Game Master Rules


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    Game Master Rules Empty Game Master Rules

    Post  Creed0116 on Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:06 am

    Rules are:

    1.- Do NOT summon monsters in city.. summon out city or arena.

    2.- Do NOT give items you made with .item and NEVER give special items. AND DONT GIVE MONEY!

    3.- Do NOT insult users.

    4.- Respect Administrators.

    5.- Help when Help is needed NO EXCEPTION.

    6.- Be always AWARE and be active.

    7.- Regulate Players.

    8.- Do NOT [NEVER!]Use cleardrop

    9.- Use only hamachi Talk for NEWS

    10.Do NOT ask Admins for more GM accounts.

    First Break: Warned

    Second Break: Remove GM



    Game Master Rules Zeonql9

    Game Master Rules Creed0116

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